Health Education

Health Education Materials

1. State-adopted textbook, Heather & Fitness (Publisher: Harcourt)
2. Comprehensive Health videos, “Always Changing” (Publisher: Procter & Gamble) and “You’re Not a Little Kid Anymore” (Publisher: Marsh Media)

Middle School:
1. State-adopted textbooks, Teen Health Course 1, Course 2, and Course 3 (Publisher: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Companies)
2. Comprehensive Health 8th grade book, Choosing the Best Path (Publisher: Choosing the Best Publishing, LLC)
3. Comprehensive Health 7th grade book, Choosing the Best Way (Publisher: Choosing the Best Publishing, LLC)
4. Comprehensive Health 6th grade video, “McGee and Me” Video Series (Publisher: Focus on the Family)
5. APEX, (Publisher: Apex Learning Inc.)

High School
1. State-adopted textbook, Health & Wellness (Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies)
2. APEX, (Publisher: HOPE Health Opportunities through Physical Education)
3. Online Physical Education course, Grades 10th-12th, (Publisher: Fuel Education)

Erin’s Law
1. The Law ('s%20Law.pdf)
2. State Department of Education Erin’s Law Instructional Units ('s%20Law%20Instructional%20Units%20and%20Resources.pdf)
3. Framework for Curriculum Implementation