The entire Bobo Family works hard to strive for academic excellence. It is our goal for our students to be exceptional readers, writers, and thinkers. Students are afforded opportunities for instruction and enrichment in a variety of settings, including the innovative classroom as well as our  Balanced Literacy, Corrective Reading, Tutoring, Speech, Resource, Horizons, Art and Music Visions programs. Our school continues to develop readers through our RTI intervention classes.  The school theme is "Building Knowledge that Lasts a Lifetime."  Along with this Lego Education theme, we have added a critical thinking Lego lab to our school's curriculum. This will encourage our students to continually challenge their brains and become real world problem solvers. Check out below more of what Jesse Bobo has to offer!

Blended Learning  - Bobo faculty members use a variety of teaching methods to train students to be the best! This includes using technology in the classroom such as laptops, ipads, smart phones, Promethean boards, podcast, photo-story, Lego WeDo, and much much more.

Technology - Jesse Bobo Elementary was the first elementary school in District 6 to receive a class set of laptops in each of our rooms. The infusion of technology into our blended learning model will enhance and enrich our academic program as we prepare students for 21st century learning! With all classrooms at Jesse Bobo equipped with state-of-the-art technology equipment, students are able to research, apply, and present what they are learning in creative and innovative ways. This interactive technology approach to learning will spark interest in our students and provide endless learning opportunities for the technology minded student.We hope in the near future that our school will be one of the first in the district to be one to one with student laptops.

Grants - We are happy to announce that Bobo is a grant recipient of LEGO Education. For the 2015/2016 and following years, our teachers will educate students through blended learning techniques using LEGO creations.

Introducing MoreToMath for Grades 1 and 2 -

MoreToMath Curriculum Pack -

Differentiated Learning with MoreToMath -

MoreToMath Assessment Tools -

The MathBuilder Software and Classroom Management Tips -

For pictures of our wonderful school please check out our Facebook and Twitter page to view how we are becoming exceptional readers, writers, and thinkers.