About Us

  Jesse S. Bobo Elementary School's principal, Thomas Webster, started his teaching career as a 4th grade teacher in N. Charleston, SC. Coming to Spartanburg County School District Six in 1999, he taught 5th grade at Lone Oak Elementary School before joining the state in its first year of a "science coach" initiative. Named Spartanburg County School District Six Teacher of the Year in 2005, he later became Director of Science Education for the district. It was in this role that he was first privileged to collaborate with Jesse Bobo's students, parents, and staff. In 2012, he pursued and was selected for the opportunity to serve as Jesse Bobo's principal.

Mr. Webster believes in a school community that is characterized by strong and productive relationships between school staff, the students they teach, parents, and the larger community. It is his belief that, as these critical elements - students, parents, school staff, and community - work together towards the common goal of providing an exceptional education to Jesse Bobo students, exceptional student achievement will result.

We began talking about our visions for ourselves and our school during the 2012-2013 school year. Not long ago, I ran across mine as I was grabbing a book out of my cabinet:

 Five years from now, Jesse Bobo is a nascent but stalwart STEAM (science, technology, ELA, arts, & mathematics) school that is gaining national renown. The staff is highly engaged with the change, energized, energetic, and competent. People come to us by scheduled appointment. The students are high performing, competitive, and have a keen vision of how their talents can be applied to their futures. Classrooms and hallways are abuzz with creative energy, laughter, and smiling faces. Technology-i Pads, laptops, robotics-is evident in all all aspects of what we do. The hallways bear evidence of student talent in the visual arts and include pictures and posters from dramatic and musical performances. The Bobo community is collectively and justifiably proud of the achievements we've made, knowing that together, we have created a place of unparalleled excellence for our students.

As I read this, it struck me how much of this five year vision has implemented. We have now been recognized as the first national Lego Education school where laptops and robotics (none of which we had when I wrote this) are all over our building, and have  Palmetto Silver and Palmetto Gold recognition for the 2015-2016 school year! The progress is evident, and I am excited to see where our school goes from here.